Hello. I'm Brett.

Engineering manager \ Solutions designer \ full stack developer.

Who i am

Hard working family man with a passion for the ocean, sport, technology and pop sci.

What i do

Key Competencies

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Solutions Design

Experience in delivering software and platforms across a broad range of architectures such as Client\Server, Single Tier, Multi Tier \ Distributed Systems, Mult-Threaded, SOA, MicroServices.

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Strong analytical skills with emphasis on the lower detail requirement and careful consideration of constraints whilst always ensuring the underlying objectives are met.

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Software Engineering

Indepth knowledge of software design methodologies, patterns and principles such as Clean Architecture, OOP, Functional Programming, CQRS, DI (IoC), SOLID and more.

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Solutions Delivery

From inception through analysis and sizing, deisgn and build, implementation and ongoing operational models. Delivery on all phases of the poject life cycle is critical. It's also important to choose a life cycle methodology that suits. Horses for courses as they say.

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Technical \ Team Leadng

Whether the lead on a project or leading a team, effective and open collaboration is essential to the success of any endeavour. Ensuring all team members understand your team strategy or project objectives is crucial to good outcomes. In my experience establishing an inclusive positive culture also helps drive motivation and boost morale.

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Domain Expertise

Having spent years designing solutions within the enterprise space your domain knowledge tends to broaden quite signifcantly. Today's designers must have sufficent cross domain knowledge to key decisions that wont later come back to bite. Domain knowledge that goes beyond software design principles such as networking, storage, perimeter security, regulatory constraints, information architecture and cloud computing are all nessercary in order to provide stable, secure and robust solutions.

Things i know

Pretty clued up on the below techs and tools.

Images by Damien Ford

A massive thanks to Damien Ford for the amazing photography seen on this site.
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What i've done

Some notable projects over the years ...

RelieCheck Web Client

An angular2+ application tthat provides both an assessor user experience and an applicant user experience backed by the Relie Assessments web API. The application is designed to guide brokers\lenders through the process of assessing a single or joint applicants ability to service a loan amount they are applying for.
This web app focuses on an applicants transaction history where all transactions are intelligently categorised by the Relie Assessments platform and any data insights found are surfaced through the interface allowing the broker or lender to make informed decisions around whether or not adjustments are required in order to determine an applicants realistic financial position. All aspects of this web app can be themed and\or white labelled which have made it attractive to many broker and lending organisations.

Relie Assessments

A highly configurable API platform that provides functionality around all possible assessment operations. Manages all aspects of the assessment process with behaviours that can be configured depending on client needs. Responsible for modelling all asssesment data (categorised transactions + manual adjustments + data insights). Provides a set of API's that service a variety of different Opica web applications and services. Provides a set of segregated API's that are used specifcially for 3rd party client integrations. It tracks the entire lifecycle of an assessment and its applicants and can trigger of a variety actions off the back of certain events (i.e. assessement status changes, report generation events .. etc).

Relie Data

A data normalisation tier and intergration layer.
An important part of the Relie eco system which brokers integration between 3rd party services via a configurable connectors.
This extensible system allows us to connect to several different banking data providers and normalizes the data so that it can be consumed by downstream systems in a consistent manner.
Direct integrations to this platform is also an option for Opica clients for instances where they justw ant access to the normalized data without all the extra Relie Assessments functionality.

Relie Identities

A collection of systems that forms a set of centralized Authentication and Identity Management services. The system enables SSO access to all of our systems and environments.
It consists of an Authentication Server (STS server), an API server and an administrative application (used for managing OAuth2 clients, Users and External IdPs for federated logins).
It provides a number options for implementing federated logins using external IdPs that support either the SAML2 or OpenID protocols.

Relie DataLab

A platform that provides data analytics and data transformation services. Primarily responsible for the region based categorisation of banking transactions it also provides additional services around detection of key data points in data using python data analysis libraries.

RentCheck Web Client

A spin-off product that uses same Relie Assessments platform in manner which is tailored towards assessing the prospective Rental applicants.

Offer Palette

An app written specifically for BT's customer relations consultants that provided them with personalised offers for customers. Potential offers per customer were predetermine in terradata\SAS backend using propensity modelling among other techniques. Outcome resulted in a direct tangible net effect which saw high conversion rates, and high customer restention.

SharePoint Migrations

Numerous SharePoint content and customised app migrations over the years.

WideBrim Co. (A collection of SharePoint utlities)

A company I started to provide SharePoint utility products. 3 products in total.

BT Investment Solutions Cash Flow App

Business critical cash flow management tool. Governed the cash flow balancing process of BT's managened funds and other investment strategies. Built on top of SharePoint using standard SharePoint development techniques, .Net UserControls WCF, client side scripting technologies.

SharePoint Implementations

Ground up design and implemantation of both large and small scale full farm SharePoint implementations.


Built on top of SharePoint, this portal was used as our main channel for BT\Westpac financial planners and external BT\Westpac licensee advisers for distribution of subscription and non subscription content. Several upstream and downstream dependant systems\sub systems. Ended up being quite critical to business and the value chain of their Advice business.

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